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Implant Dentistry and Related Surgery

Implant dentistry is now firmly established as a successful treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth. PerioLondon can offer support for your patient’s implant needs. We are experienced in the placement of fixtures from Nobel, Biomet 3i, Straumann and Astra systems and have been placing dental implants since 1998. We place implants as single or two-stage procedures according to the clinical situation, and can undertake immediate placement and restoration where it is an appropriate option.

Where implant placement is compromised by a lack of available bone we can undertake appropriate bone grafting procedures. Where the amount of augmentation needed is limited, we can undertake guided bone regeneration using particulate grafts and membranes at the time of implant placement of as a separate procedure.

Where more augmentation is required we can undertake autogenous grafts in the form of intra-oral block grafts and sinus lifts. These can on occasion be performed at the same time as implant placement, but may require six months healing and bone maturation prior to implant placement.

Whilst we do not restore implants at the practice, we work closely with referring dentists to ensure that the patients are treated to the highest possible standard. For dentists that do not restore implants we also work closely with a number of very experienced prosthodontists and restorative dentists, and can arrange the placement and restoration of implants to meet a patient’s needs. The patients will be referred back to you following the completion of the treatment, or we can continue the implant maintenance at PerioLondon should you prefer. If you would like to introduce dental implants into your practice, we can provide mentoring in the restoration of simple implant retained restorations.